Airfryerable Founder & CEO

Hi, I'm Sherin 👋🏽! The founder of Airfryerable. I was born in Asia, lived in Africa, married and started my family in Europe and finally settled down in North America, specifically Ottawa, Canada where I’ve built my career in the tech industry.

Being a full-time, working Mom meant over the years I had to be super efficient with my weeknight homemade dinners and entertaining guests almost every weekend! My secret was in developing & perfecting exotic yet freeze-able snacks & appetizers 🤫.

I've loved creating unique food experiences for everyone over the years so much that I even started daydreaming of building a business of my own one day.

2020 gave me a lot of time to reflect and I realized I didn’t want to regret not starting! So I buckled down and decided to bring my mission of 'making spicy flavors more convenient & accessible' to life with Airfryerable - spicy, frozen snacks designed for the airfryer 🌶❄️🔥

Thanks so much for joining and supporting me! Checkout our blog, instagram and email newsletter where I'll be documenting my journey as I learn and grow my local, home-grown business ❤️