Perfecting Airfryerable’s Thai Pork Hot Balls Recipe

My first Airfryerable product: Hot Balls 🔥😎. How do you like the name? 😏 They’re exotic, protein filled bites rich in International flavours enveloped in a crunchy, crisp coating and engineered specifically for the Air Fryer! After taking votes from my Instagram followers on which flavour to launch with, my debut spicy flavour is: Thai Pork

I’ve spent years modifying my recipe for the ultimate eating experience! From optimizing its size, to testing crispy outer coating blends. I also paid close attention to detail to profile authentic Thai flavours with whole ingredients in this Thai Pork debut flavour and I’m thrilled with the results!

After hand-delivering to local Ottawa foodies back in February 2021, I received amazing candid feedback which is directly influencing its final tweaks before launch. Afterall, I want to make a product that you want to eat! I’m currently working on getting production and operations going and I’m so excited!