How I Made Airfryerable a Mission Driven Company

Why did I choose to build a mission-driven company? I wanted the business to have a greater goal than just selling products.

Our local Ottawa shining example of a mission-driven company is Shopify. Their  mission is to “make commerce available to everyone”. Wow! That blew my mind!

I asked myself what the purpose of my company’s existence was. After a lot of thought, I finally arrived on “making  global, spicy flavours convenient and accessible to everyone”

Every time I catch my creative mind coming up with yet another food idea, I ask myself, “Will this idea contribute to my mission? 

Taking the time to focus on crafting a company Mission took a lot of time and discipline. It was a challenging mental shift to make, but I’m so glad I did it.

With business there never seems to be enough time, and it’s always easier to lean into the fears of it not working than the optimism. 

While my mission may adjust over time, this north star anchors me and keeps me focused throughout all the chaos of building a business as a first-time founder!